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Looking to elevate the experience at your venue? We can help with our immersive murder mystery games that offer unpredictability and excitement in equal measure.

**Our Story**

We’re a husband and wife team passionate about crafting engaging, suspense-filled and hilarious stories. Having written and hosted numerous murder mystery events in our own venue (a small wine bar and indie art studio), we’ve honed our skills to deliver an experience that will keep your patrons engaged and eager for more.

**Straightforward Pricing, Repeatable Fun**

We believe in simple and upfront pricing – our games come with a one-time license fee of $175 (digital files), no recurring charges or hidden costs. But the real value lies in their repeatability.

Every character in our games has a plausible motive, meaning the identity of the murderer can change with each play. Your customers will enjoy a fresh experience every time.

Don’t want the expense of printing or hiring a printer? No problem! For an additional $75 we’ll include this service and ship you physical copies of the scripts, invitations, and marketing materials.

**Why Choose Us**

By opting for our murder mystery games, you’re investing in more than just entertainment. You’re fostering an environment that encourages conversation, laughter, relationship-building, and return visits. Your patrons won’t just be attendees; they’ll become active participants in their own unforgettable evening out.  Our business grew by leaps and bounds once we started doing mysteries.  Word of mouth is and will forever be the best advertising!

**Extra Touches**

If you’d like to enhance the game environment, we offer optional extras such as photo backdrops and props. These additions can create a more immersive atmosphere, helping your customers feel like they’re truly part of the mystery.

**Let’s Get Started**

If providing unique, engaging experiences for your patrons is your aim, we’re here to help make it happen. Let’s add some intrigue to your venue.  Learn more here.